Beware of Dog
After a successful exploratory reading last May, Matthew McShane’s new play Beware of Dog will see a full production this July. 

As eviction looms, friends gather for a fateful final night in their Bushwick loft in Beware of Dog, a new play by Matthew McShane.  An immersive production design brings the audience into the world of broken idealism, frayed dreams, and the anarchistic tendencies inside us all.



Meet Murasaki Shikibu Followed by Book-Signing, and Other Things
Written and performed by Julia Izumi
After a successful workshop last August, the author of the world’s first novel, Murasaki Shikibu, is coming back for realzies. Remember to bring your own copy of her 1000-page novel, The Tale of Genji – which you all have finished reading by now, right?

Meet Murasaki Shikibu Followed by Booking-Signing, and Other Things will be performed this summer at the New York Society Library, as well as the New York International Fringe Festival.  More details to come!



Twelfth Night
Later in 2016, director Thomas Kapusta shifts gears from the deeply tragic to the silly and joyous. After two years of exploration of Shakespeare’s Othello culminated in a production last fall, Tom begins a new process of discovery with Shakespeare’s great comedy, Twelfth Night. Festivity, and all its elements – music, dancing, playacting, drinking – can lighten our hearts, even on the darkest day of the year.


Sin Título/East Fire Island
Two short plays
Growing out of last summer’s Gayropa in Dixon Place’s HOT! Festival, these two original pieces from Raquel Chavez, Alex Hare, and Jessica Castro will have a workshop in May. The first follows the joyous relationship between two teenage girls mediated by the internet and watched over by the diosa Selena Quintanilla. East Fire Island is a wild solo-play/cabaret hybrid about the founder and sole citizen (so far) of a new queer micronation. 

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