The Brewing Dept. Announces its Fall 2014 Season

What makes a “classic”?

TBD takes on SHAKESPEARE in his infinite variety

This fall, The Brewing Dept. develops and produces two projects with Shakespeare at their core.  Though these projects approach their source texts in radically different ways, they share a common goal: changing how we watch, perform, and think about the classics.  Read more about them below!


TBD founding member Cody Holliday Haefner and a group of collaborators continue the work started at The Brewing Dept.’s THE MAY EVENT. Cody and his collaborators rip apart and re-write Shakespeare’s most worshipped text, throw in a dash of Ibsen’s Ghosts, lipsync to a few pop songs, and then toss the mess they’ve made at the wall and call it art. This second developmental phase of the project will culminate in a one night only performance where the audience will play a vital role as participants and respondents.



Is there a right or wrong way to perform Shakespeare?

No. Well, maybe.

Maybe there’s a right way, or maybe there’s a wrong way?


Welcome to the wide-open world between Shakespeare’s words on the page and on the stage.

Through a series of articles tracking the creation of a new production of Othello, TBD founding member Tom Kapusta involves you in the interrogation of Shakespeare’s gruelling tragedy, its text, and its relevance today (we see you, Ira Glass). This project charts the development of an Othello performance text and the vision for bringing that performance text to life – and crucially, how text and vision work together in the modern performance of Shakespeare. It culminates in a public, staged reading of the play, putting our choices to the test in the most important context: performance.

 We look forward to sharing more about these projects soon!

UPDATE: The first installment of DIRECTOR’S NOTES will appear Monday, 9/15 right here on TBD’s Blog!